How is carrageenan derived from seaweed?

Primary source

Carrageenan is the ingredient which is derived from the red algae and the seaweeds. It means that the product is completely natural one and it indicates thatthere is no harm in using it. It is used for variety of purpose in the food industrywhich is mainly used as the stabilizing and thickening agent. The basic ability of thecarrageenan is to bind with the proteins which make them useful in the dairyproductsand the meat. They are also very much common in the infant formula and juices.


The primary sourceof the carrageenan is the edible red seaweeds. The seaweed is harvested and it is dried. After that it is also baled ad then grounded, sifted and washed in order to removetheimpurities like sand. The seaweed is then soaked into the alkalai solution like the potassiumhydroxide and it is heated in order to move the carrageenan form the seaweed. Cellulose is then removed from it mechanicallyusing the centrifugationand the filtration. The remaining solution is then evaporated in order to remove the water. The powdered carrageenan is then grounded as per the final specification. Carrageenan is useful for the humans in different ways.

Antioxidant protein

The carrageenan has the antioxidant proteinwhich is one of the reasons that it isconsidered as the health supplement. Moreover, it supports the digestive system to a great extent. It is thus used in making the capsules. A study indicates that the carrageenan contains the antioxidant activity. This helps to support the cells from damaging because of theoxidationstress. The gastricdiscomfortmanagementcan bedone with the carrageenan. It is the ingredients which work as the supplement whenyou are wishing to manage the stomach irritation and the discomfort. Thus it can be proved that carrageenan has greathealthbenefits and no risk.



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