Carrageenan with magical effects on modern food

Carrageenan is a natural ingredient which is received from a special red seaweed species. It is farmed and then processed. It also plays a role of binding and gelling agent. This is a versatile ingredient with is outstanding properties. It gives modern touch and magical effect to our daily use food. It gives attractive and thick look our food. Candies, chocolates and ice-cream which are one of the most favoritefoodscan’t be enjoyed as we do, without the use of this magical ingredient.

Carrageenan with easy soluble properties

It has a very good soluble property. In hot water it is soluble at temperature of hot water above 140F. This amazing ingredient is soluble also with cold water with mix of sodium salt. This ingredient is soluble in hot and cold milk also on same conditions as for water.

Commercially very important water soluble gums

This ingredientis basically very important water-soluble gums that occurs matrix material in many species of rhodophyta. It is a structural function analogous with cellulose in plants. It is strongly anionic polymers as they have moieties of half-ester sulfate. Because of this great quality it is totally different from agars and alginates.



Where it comes from

In the family of carrageenan there are three members (lotta carrageenan, kappa carrageenan and lambda carrageenan)and all are used as thickening, gelling and stabilizing agents. All of them are vegetarian and most commonly used for dairy products.

But they form different with the presence of calcium:

  1. Lota carrageenan forms as soft gel.
  2. Kappa carrageenan forms as stiff and brittle gel.
  • Lambda carrageenan doesn’t form as gel. But can be use as thickener.

This additive ingredient for food sector has created a bench mark. It has given magical look and shape to the modern food. Without the use of this ingredient there are number of food supplements, which we can’t even imagine. It has given a different style to the food market.

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