Cooking the perfect turkey with the latest Turkey Fryer

Cooking is an art, during Thanksgiving those who do not usually cook also try to prepare turkey. Considering that the traditional style may not be suitable or time efficient for several households. A Turkey Fryer has come up as the smart alterative to keep up tradition with a modern blend.

Why choose Indoor oil-less turkey fryer?

The concept of oil-less fryers is difficult for many turkey lovers to digest. In its defense the fryer is a healthy alternative which retains the taste of the traditional preparation. Think of it as a device offering both – delicious turkey without the negative sides of fat or cholesterol.

Unlike traditional fryers, in oil less fryers turkeys are not immersed into hot oil. This means that less fat will be absorbed by the turkey and the technique is much safer for those preparing the item. The Turkey fryer cooks the outer covering of the turkey by applying heat.

electric oil less turkey fryer

The method is cheaper than the traditional method which requires a lot of oil and preparations. The new models of fryers require basic investment since it is oil less and often requires nothing except electricity and the turkey. With the modern devices making turkey has never been easier.

Fryers to choose from

There are a variety of turkey makers that can be purchased from the market. However there are popularly only three types – infrared, electric and air fryers. Infrared models need propane and are best used outdoors. It is not the most popular design due to risks of using propane.

Electric models need to be plugged into a charging point and the fryer does the rest of the work. Indoor greaseless turkey fryer is also called air fryers. These models make the juiciest turkeys. They follow a more or less natural process and can be used by every turkey lover.


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