Cracks and Shrinkage – Causes of Foundation Cracks

Many homeowners are nervous when they see cracks in the foundation concrete and have a feeling whether it is dangerous or not. Foundation cracks may not appear to be serious at first, apparently over a period of time, it can turn into a worrisome structural defect.

Different cracks might indicate different possible problems with your foundation. This is majorly due to the soil beneath the foundation swells uniformly or shrinks uniformly. During such instances, foundation repair Houston companies, which have highly experienced and trained professionals will safeguard your property for longer years to come.

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Causes of Cracked Foundations

There is no specific reason as such, for the cause of cracked foundation although you are a skilled expert in civil engineering. Yet, there are some core problems that leads to the cracks, which is chiefly due to soil issues.

Sinking and Settling foundation – Most foundation cracks are minor, however when they are exposed to high hydrostatic pressures, they are prone to leaks. You can notice large vertical cracks in some of the buildings, this is largely due to the soil settlement. These vertical crack problem, when neglected over a period of time might become extensive and will cause the walls and floor to crack and drop and make the house to sink.

Loss of moisture in the soil – When the soil beneath the basement dries, it shrinks and causes leakage in the foundation. This can be treated with the help of experts from foundation repair Houston. They can fix the damage for less if you can approach them before the problem becomes more significant.

Final Conclusion

Some companies measure their expertise with years of experience, apparently foundation repair Houston companies are experienced for generations. So when you incur problem with foundation, you don’t delay and make the repair fast.

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