Epidural Delivery Can Ensure a Pain Free Process

Continuous Epidural Technique, also better known as epidural delivery can be used for minimizing the heavy pain that can be expected out of pregnant mothers giving birth to a child. This form of delivery technique is widely employed these days that can sufficiently take care of a mother-to-be. Apart from the pain, the anxiety level of a mother can also be kept in check through this method as delivery can be made a very smooth process. Some detail regarding the process is discussed here for sufficient clarity.

  • The pain can be substantially reduced – Epidural delivery can make a delivery process as smooth as possible with practically no pain whatsoever. It is a wonderful technique as far as delivery is concerned so that when the cervix opens 3-4 cm during the advanced stages of labor, an anesthetist can introduce epidural analgesia through a plastic tube into the spine. The space outside the Dural Membrane covering Spinal Nerve Roots, Spinal cord and Spinal Fluid is pricked with a local anesthetic needle and a catheter is placed on the spine through it. The catheter is a thin plastic tube and many tests can be performed to make sure that it is at the correct position. The expectant mother can therefore be completely at ease except for feeling a needles’ prick during the delivery.

epidural delivery

  • Additional medication can also be used – Continuous Epidural Anesthesia may not be the same for every patient. Depending on the pain, Epidural Anesthesia can be made to last as long as it may be required for a patient. The accompanied pain can determine the duration of time for which it may be needed in an epidural delivery As soon as the baby is near to the uterus, depending on a mother’s condition, additional medication may be needed and can be hence, provided.

This type of delivery is very much desired by pregnant mothers due to the safety and painless features that it offers.


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