Do eyelashes grow back ever? Haven’t you wondered!

What makes your eyes brighter? A colorful lens? Nope. Eye makeup? Neither that. Then what? Naturally black and long eyelashes. So when you see your eyelashes all over the pillow cover or bed sheet, you wonder, do eyelashes grow back? Yes, they do! But only with the right kind of product.

How do eyelashes grow back?

No, you do not have to spend a fortune to buy expensive makeups. There are serums available that will help you grow your eyelashes longer, thicker and jade black in color. These serums have no artificially composed chemicals in them. It is 100% natural and very safe for sensitive areas such as the eyes. You have to apply this two to three times every week before going off to sleep at night.

What is the science behind this wonder?

Whatever it takes for the regrowth of your eyelashes in better shape and colour is surely miraculous. However, there is a science explaining this miraculous change in your body features.


do eyelashes grow back

  • Polypeptides-

These polypeptides form the base of these eyelash growth serums. These help in adding volume, length, thickness and intensity to your eyelashes. Now, you have got an affirmation to the ever lingering question in your mind- do eyelashes grow back?!

  • Moisturizers-

Moisturizing ingredients like honey increases the moisture absorbing capacity of your lashes and keep them hydrated for longer. This helps in retaining their youthful glow.

  • Essential proteins and vitamins-

Essentials vitamins like A, B1, B2, C and D are the fundamental components of this eyelash serums. These rejuvenate the hair growth on your eyelids, giving you thicker and longer lashes like never before!

Notice results in days!

Once you start using these serums, you will notice changes in the pattern, color and thickness of your eyelashes within two weeks! So, now that you know eyelashes grow back or not, you can bid goodbyeto those chemical induced mascaras!

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