Find your way out of Wizard’s room Berlin

Enter the magical world of Wizard’s room Berlin and get enchanted in the magic. These games take you to a world of wiz crafty where you feel that you have been endowed with magical powers. So, quick, the wizard’s clock is ticking, you don’t have time to lose. Steady yourself and get, set, go.

Option of choosing the player mode:

If you and one of your friends want to play the game, you need to choose the dual mode. Say, a gang of friends have visited and you decide to play this game, you have to play the multimode game, where up to six players can play the game.

It is all about magic:

Gone are the days when sorcery and magic existed only in books and movies. With these games, you can be a part of the magical kingdom. The graphics of the games covers all the items used by wizards such as magic potions, brooms etc. The locations include a cave or an old palace, to make the experience of the game wizard-like.

Wizard's room Berlin

Caters to everyone’s taste:

The magical books which you have read and so much wanted to be part of is now a reality. But the makers of the game understand that everyone’s taste is different. Everyone thinks differently and has different level of intuition. So, they have provided a lot of options and created several modes. Choose the game according to your fascination.

Easy booking:

After you have selected the game, you are required to book the game online by paying an affordable amount.

Challenge your brain:

Here lies the catch. The puzzles will not be provided to you on a plate. You need to search for the puzzles. But your work is not done here. After you have finished searching for the puzzles, you have to brainstorm and solve the puzzles.

Take a break from your mundane world and explore the world of magic with Wizard’s room Berlin games. Accept the challenge thrown to you and get started.

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