Globalization and the world village

The world has become a much smaller place

Human innovation is touching new heights everyday with technology so complex and marvelous that it is now possible for people to look at each other and talk as if they were sitting in the same room whereas they might actually be thousands of miles away.

Globalization as we call it is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm and has somewhat become the characteristic and the identity of mankind today. The world is a big village is the mantra of globalization and its proponents. The technology and all the other innovation has led to a complete dilution of international and domestic markets leading to a flood of options for every single thing imaginable. Gone are the days when one company or brand had the monopoly over a particular object. Toothpastes, mobile phones, whiskey or even bags, there is now a huge range of options with all international and domestic brands competing for the lion’s share of the market.

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What it means for the consumers

All this is very good for the consumer as it means that they have more options to choose from and also consequently means that brands can no longer afford to take the consumers for granted and need to do everything they can to please the customer and stay ahead of the competition. All these options may seem like a wonderful jackpot but can sometimes also mean that it becomes a daunting task for the consumer to pick out who they want to go with. With all these brands providing almost the same products with almost the same promises and guarantees, the consumer does not know who to trust and who to do their business with.

Brands such as Zuca are always a safe bet

Want to buy a bag to travel or carry your gym shorts in?There are now literally thousands of options you can choose from. If you really care about quality and reliability though, you should look towards established and reputed brands such as Zuca bags who endeavor to serve the consumer and provide them the best quality bags globalization can offer.


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