How safe is your data hosted over cloud?

Cloud is the new advancement of technology which has already showed its presence since few years back. With more and more people getting digitally literate opens up the huge opportunity for the cloud and cloud based company for their expansion. Cloud is one of the technique through which you can put your data in some place hosted as a virtual server. As amazing this concept looks from listening the facts the one question that comes in user mind is how safe is my data hosted over cloud.

innovative Technologie

The answer to the security over cloud is a quite debatable one. While from intrusion point of view neither the standalone physical servers nor one hosted in cloud is safe. It completely depend on the user now how aware they are about innovative Technologie so that they can avoid such circumstances. In this case any file hosting over cloud is safe as long as you want it to be. There are all type of encryption that is being done on cloud using the innovative Technologie so that intrusion can be avoided. Still we see sometime user complaining that the file hosted over web was leaked. In more than 90% of cases it is the user himself because of which this situation has come.

User need to be aware that cloud is as safe as the other technology. It is better and make you infra independent. You should be using it more often and should be focusing more on the premium based account rather than the free one for the data safety. All this will make your data hosted over cloud safe and you need not worry about what happens to the data. Technology is advancing and so we should also adopt it. There is no point of blaming technology when we are unaware on how to use it.

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