What do you know of trundle beds

There are different kinds of a twin trundle bed that can be purchased. The traditional twin trundle bed is one where the bed can be rolled out from below the frame of the day bed and is at a lower level. There are however variations to the twin trundle bed. There are daybeds which have trundles. These look like a more formal sitting space during the day but at the night these offer a good sleeping space.

The twin trundle bed can be rolled from below the frame of the day bed, they can glide out and so they can be placed farther from the main bed. There are popup ones which can be raised and so these can join the main bed or they can be popped up and moved apart so single beds which are separate can be created.

twin trundle bed

These trundle daybeds look like sofas in the day time and some of these have faux wooden drawers so that the bed which is lower cannot be detected. There are those which can be covered with slipcovers or comforters when there are open side daybeds so that way the trundle gets camouflaged.

The twin trundle bed is a great option for children’s rooms which are small and cannot accommodate 2 beds in the room without it looking cramped. Or these can be used for sleepovers or even when there are guests in the house.

When one uses a trundle bed as compared with a twin bed, they are not scared of children especially toddlers or young children falling off the top bunk and injuring themselves. These are better than twin beds even for guests who may be apprehensive about climbing up the top bunk especially if they are older persons. This helps siblings to bond better with each other and yet have their independence.



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