Plano da Rosi- A specialist’s approach to detoxification and weight loss

In pursuit of that perfect weight loss plan, you would have tried several detox mechanisms.  Whether you have successfully adhered to some of those plans without attaining expected results or overloaded yourself with the guilt of just leaving it midway, don’t worry. Here’s a briefing on Plano da Rosi, from the renowned weight lost specialist, Rosi Feliciano.

plano da rosi

Plano da Rosi- Rosi’s detox plan is also available in a digital book that integrates detox juice recipes along with a step-by-step detox diet. Her e-book was much acclaimed by both men and women aspiring to lose weight without suffering the side effects of drugs or having to follow a restricted diet.

The product, aims at guiding and providing you with some assistance in taking that first step towards adopting a natural weight loss program. Plano da Rosi focuses more on achieving a healthy body with a nutritious and delicious diet. So, you may not really have to worry about forgoing tasty food. Instead, an approach to eating right is the key to detoxing yourself.

Plano da Rosi, works as follows: It will cause the body to undergo detoxification in phases. At every new cycle, the fat burning will be potentiated until the proposed weight loss goal is achieved. Throughout the process, Plano da Rosi provides ways to improve health and strength the immune system. Plano da Rosi is divided into stages and is a well-structured, content rich weight loss plan promoting use of natural and healthy ingredients. The prime value of the detox plan is imbibed in its simplicity to implement. At the end of the day, it focuses on dietary changes. So, the simpler the plan, the faster and easier it will be for you to adopt Plano da Rosi, i.e. Rosi’s detox plan.

Interestingly, Plano da Rosi also proposes guidelines for pregnant and breast feeding mothers on whether, when and how to use or avoid the program.


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