The Street Legal Status Must be Determined

The street legal electric golf cart are an excellent way to ferry from one place to another, preferably within a small area because these are very slow due to which the chances of any accident is considerably reduced and also comfortable during the journey. Moreover, they do not pollute the environment. Many types of businesses and communities have found their usage and are in operation. But before operating on city roads, their street legal status should be determined so that any inconvenience can be avoided later.

  • FMVSS has defined safety standards – After the seventies when these vehicles started to make their way onto regular roads, many accidents took place due to which the Department of Transportation urged the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to develop safety standards. In 1998, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) came into force and standards were defined by it through which the legal status of the street legal golf carts was defined. The state law authorities can grant the status and then one can easily order such a cart from any local dealership.
  • Insurance of the vehicle is desired – Just like any other internal combustion engine vehicle, it is very essential to insure a street legal golf cart. A full insurance coverage along with property casualty coverage for the cart translates to body damage liability coverage and uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage with PIP/no-fault insurance and medical payments insurance coverage. Coupled with this, the vehicle should be registered with the motor vehicles department. All these are highly desired because according to a study, in a particular year there were around 15,000 cases of golf cart associated injuries. Therefore, it becomes highly important that insurance should be done if the cart is to be used frequently and with any type of people travelling aboard, especially kids and senior citizens.

After going through all this, it is imperative to determine the street legal status of a golf cart before it can be used on regular motor able road.

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