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Although the exact cause of anxiety or depression have not been clinically proven, but stressful or traumatic event is capable enough to give rise to them. Anxiety is a serious issue and must not be dealt with negligence. If goes untreated for a very long time, anxiety can lead to catastrophic changes both mentally and physically.

Severe cases of anxiety are also known to compel a victim to cause self-harm. Since this has a neurological origin, it can result in numerous psychological changes and other stress related complications like lack of self-confidence, increased heart rate, palpitation, nervous tension, dizziness, muscle ache and so on.

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Medical causes for anxiety- read this additional resource

read this additional resource

Apart from the general causes like financial stress, workplace competition, personal loss or traumatic incident, negatively impactful life experiences, anxiety may be caused due to medical issues. The probable medical conditions those are sufficient enough to cause it are-

  • Respiratory disorders like asthma
  • Chronic pulmonary diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Heart illness like blockage, cholesterol etc
  • Refraining from illicit drugs and alcohol
  • Occurrence of tumors that release adrenaline causing constant tremor
  • Side effects from certain anxiety medications
  • Genetics

These are the commonly diagnosed medical complications that can amount to depression, strain, and fretfulness. These symptoms start by restricting a person from leading a normal which ultimately cause extreme self-consciousness and obsession.

Whatever the source may be, anxiety must be dealt tactfully in order to eradicate it completely from the system. People suffering from it may also go for more subtle methods like using medicated oils for curing.

Certain companies have introduced cannabidiol containing oils to fight depression and they are proving to be helpful, so read this additional resource and learn more about them.

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