Various water bodies on the planet

If you have studied science thoroughly in school or even studied the basics of it that is mandatory in every school, you would know about all the things that earth constitutes of. You would have the basic knowledge about how earth was formed and how after millions of years the earth became what it is today. In school you must have learned about the land masses on the planet in Geography, you must have also learned that the earth constitutes of 70% water and then comes all the land. Water is a really important resource as we all know and it is present in abundance on the planet.

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There are lot of things that you should know about how water is present on the planet around us. There are a lot of water bodies. First of all the biggest classification of water can be done on the basis of oceans. There are four oceans on this planet. They are Arctic Ocean, Antarctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. After that when we further divide water bodies we call them rivers. Rivers flow through the land masses, some famous rivers are Nile and Thames. After that come all the lakes and ponds. Water when comes to a dead end on a land mass in a relatively small area usually ends up becoming a lake or a pond of water. Water is also present on the planet in the forms of glaciers that consist of a great level of water on earth. Glaciers have enough water to submerge the whole world.

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